Multi-Touch App Development

Multi-Touch Enabled Applications

Virtual Media Masters exclusively focuses on the development of (multi)touch-enabled applications. The software is developed and tested by experienced developers. Virtual Media Masters is our brand name and known for a variety of software solutions. Our products are ideally suited to communicate with users and customers in a highly intuitive and interactive way.

Virtual Media Masters customers use multi-touch applications for example at  stores, showrooms, schools, training facilities, TV studios, fairs, conferences, hotels, hospitals, museums, exhibitions and real estate centers. Visitors will see via our apps, a digital route map, business videos, receive digital brochures. They can register themselves or entertain themselves with a digital game while waiting. You can make your presentations or training an interactive experience with multi-touch interactive apps.

We Create Rich and Engaging Interactive Experiences

Our goal is to create visually appealing, memorable and effective interactive digital experiences. Our multi-touch apps is up to the task, built to provide a user friendly environment in which your customers will enjoy and benefit from. Any idea can be deployed with our talented developers and graphic artists.