Video Walls

Video walls can engage, entertain, and inform.


Transform any space into an engaging, entertaining and informative experience with a video wall. From broadcast to retail, corporate lobbies to university hubs, and military command centers to emergency operation centers, Our video wall technology can meet the most demanding display requirements.

  • What do you want people to do with your display? Will your audience need to be able to interact with the content?
  • Do you have creative license with shape and size, or do you need a display that fits seamlessly into your current infrastructure?
  • What level of resolution and brightness do you need for optimal viewing?
  • Will your video wall need to operate 24/7 and disseminate critical information?


Our technology gives you the flexibility to integrate large-format, tiled video walls of any shape or size into your architectural design. From our ultra-narrow bezel LCD panels, to award-winning MicroTiles with 0.7mm seams, to our highly-reliable rear-projection LED cubes, we have superior performance video wall technology to suit any application. Really want to engage your audience? Use our innovative Interactivity Kit and make your wall interactive!


A Premium Display Solution

Featuring exceptional color quality, durable construction and a high brightness, high contrast image, ultra narrow bezel LCDs are a premium display solution for video wall applications. With a remarkably slim 3.5 mm bezel-to-bezel dimension, multiple screens can be tiled together for a near seamless image. A high brightness LED backlight makes video wall LCDs a perfect solution for indoor environments with a high amount of ambient light.

Daylight Viewable Image

Industry leader in high brightness display technology. With a maximum brightness rating as high as 3000 nits, Our video wall LCDs produce a daylight viewable image for greater visibility in environments near windows, skylights, and other bright light sources.

Color Uniformity

Ensuring the color and brightness of each screen in a tiled matrix matches can be time-consuming and requires additional calibration hardware. Each screen is individually color calibrated to the D65 (6500K) CIE color standard. Not only does this produce a true, natural white, the color of all screens will be uniform.


No Additional Video Controller Required

Setting up a video wall is quick and easy. Our┬ávideo wall LCDs may be daisy chained to create a video wall as large as 6×6 with a single 1080p HD video source without the need for any external video controller. Our Display Manager software allows you to quickly assign the position of each screen and configure the video wall.

Video Wall Display